A winning idea: new content for a new medium

USA Today published their list of 10 great iPad apps for kids. The three books noted were:

– A Present for Milo (Ruckus)
– PopOut! The Night Before Christmas (LoudCrow)
– Bartleby’s Book of Buttons (Octopus Kite)

I was struck by part of the description for A Present for Milo: “Mike Austin wrote and illustrated this book specifically for the iPad so it is much more interactive than many books found in the iTunes Store.”

Why is this a novel concept?

The quickly emerging world of ebooks for kids is new and the potential is so exciting. But to date I haven’t been overly wowed. The majority of what I see are new versions of old classics. I like the Three Little Pigs as much as the next mom but come on, do we need 100 versions of that? A lot of companies rushed to get their foot in the door but come on people, open the door wide open and let’s see what comes out.

The potential for children’s ebook apps is thrilling. Kids can be engaged in so many new and exciting ways. I am putting out a call for new content – content that is specifically written for smart devices. We need content that isn’t retrofitted but rather content that can harness and demonstrate the interactivity! Forget reading to us – let us read to our kids and let the kids listen and engage with the story!